Saturday, November 01, 2003

Ricky Carralero Scam - Ricky Carralero's Death Wish

I was scammed HARD by that cocksucker
Carralero.  I am so glad to see someone else validating my feelings
about him in such a public way.  In October of 2000 I contacted
Jerk-Off Carralero through his website about purchasing an original
Armando Huerta drawing (see below).  We arranged the deal and I sent
him a money order.

For some time, I did not receive the artwork.  Then I began emailing
him.  This guy who was so good at returning my emails when those
emails were about setting up a deal was apparently unable to return any
emails when the topic turned to following through with his end of the
deal.  I began to get pretty mad.  Then, I got a hold of his
cell phone number through Village Comics in NYC.  The first time I
called him, he answered the call and told me a bunch of stuff about moving
his studio, etc and that he'd send me the art very soon, along with
"something extra" for my trouble.  Well, that was the last time he
answered any call from me.

I wrote the whole thing off for about a year and a half, but then I got
mad again.   I fired off a new round of emails in which I
accused him of trying to rip me off.  Again, he answered the first
one, and only the first one.  He assured me it was a big mix up and I
would receive the artwork "very soon!"  It doesn't take a genius to
guess what happened.  Of course I have never seen the piece.  It
was probably sold long before I paid him for it!  It was a real
revelation to see and read your page about this low-life.  I only
hope that, as you say, what goes around comes around.  Let's just say
that if I'm ever at a convention and I see him pick a fight with you, or
anyone else, I'll jump right in and do my part for the good of humanity by
kicking his ass, and then I'll take his wallet and get my goddamn money

Thanks for putting up the site and showing the world what a loser this guy


Christian Ristow

I had a friend who sent me the link to this site of ricky/huerta i am GREG
NARVASA the computer colorist/letterer of ricky from 1997-1999 and i know
for sure and would go on the record that i know ricky took credit after
the fact of printing works of armando. I saw the originals come in from
mexico and ricky say they were awsome, and he only paid him like $200 for
a piece, and worked him like a dog, i even saw at the chicago comic con
last year a piece first hand  whited out with his signature,  ricky owes
me like $3000 from the 3 years i worked for him and then again after i set
up that art book he published and he owes me $300 from that too. I TRULY
HATE HIM, well if you want to know anything else i can help sue his ass.

Greg Narvasa

I didn't know that
there can be such a sick guy on the world, before I knew Armando I trusted
the guy, but after knowing Armando a few months ago, I already had my
doubts about Ricky, when I read this and when I hear of the treat he do, I
really think he is very sick and needs to go to a psychiatric or so, it's
time that he disappear

from the art and pinup art world and I sincerely hope that this bad thing
ends very soon, so that we all can enjoy Armando's fantastic work.

artist friend told me about this ...when is court ... Should be able to
use all to the benefit of Armando Huerta .. I can even see a saturday
night movie .. Get an agent .. The painting of Marilyn what a joke ... I
know high school, first year students that can do better ... Personally
I think Ricky is employing yet another artist to do new paintings if he
wants to beep the scam going ... And you are right Armando Huerta is a
fantastic artist.


I am fucking shocked!  I've been a
regular to the site over the years, but recently returned.  I had no
idea this crap was going on.  And while I hate to admit it, what I've
done at home isn't even close in comparison to what Ricky is pulling,
but not really "kosher" either.

The difference in the art styles is
night and day.  Art vs. Cartoon.  Now I'm pissed!  I've got friends and
co-horts that do the e-bay and art in general thing regularly.  I'm
passing out the word.  To do what I've done because of the appreciation
of the art is one thing, to make a buck at it?  Inexcusable!


Two days ago I found out through Armando's web site
that Carralero has been putting his signature on art that is not his.
This has greatly upset me as I own three original artworks that I
thought were by him namely Cha Cha and the paintings identified in the
photos section as Sluts (of Betty Page & Julie Strain - who has
incidently co-signed the picture) and Betty Mix (which is the art on the
home page of this group).

I have examined my paintings more closely now and underneath the
Carralero signature there is white paint that stands proud of the rest
of the canvas - so it is pretty clear that it is an over-painting.

I feel defrauded as much as I assume Armando does.

Luckily I own a fourth original that is properly signed by Armando which
has hung for the past 2 years in my bedroom and is the first thing I see
every morning when I wake up - it is the Two Girls Mad Nude (as named in
the photo section).

Armando - I have long thought that the artist of these lovely paintings
is a major talent and I am glad that at long last

(unfortunately too long concealed by deceit) it will now be recognised
worldwide with its proper author acknowledged.

Please paint more lovely art for me and the rest of the world to admire


Armando, your art is incredible.  Ricky will surely pay for what he has
done.  Just know and believe that every dog had his day, my friend !! 
Rest assured you have many admirers out there and the word is being
spread around fast to lists, groups .. all over !  Myself, and many of
my friends, are all doing what we can to spread the word.  Our file
names and folders now hold your name, my friend!!  

So if this means anything .. you may not know us all personally, so you
have many unseen friends and admirers.  Being lovers of great art, you
have our support.  You have just gained yourself more friends and
admirers than you know.

~ Carol Roth, New York

i read the story about armando and ricky i was outraged,....


so i looked
up some of their respective art on the internet,.....


these two
supposed carralero pieces have some interesting shadows in the


almost looks
like he tried to white over the parts of another painting that he
didn't want to use and then painted over the parts he did!!!.....


what an




Many years ago I had the great honor to see a few
of your original artworks up close... and I have to say magnificent
work! Truly amazing. Unfortunately at the time I was in a very
unfavorable situation, not unlike what you have gone thru by what I
was reading online. 
Needless to say, I too know Ricky and had the misfortune of doing
artwork for him (High Impact) when I was living in Miami, work for
which I have yet to see a dime for, haha, no big surprise there. I can
say this though, I saw YOUR work at his house and saw right thru his
bullshit of him claiming to be the creator of your work... I mean,
take a look at Double Impact #1... that's about the scope of his
talent, haha.

Anyhow, I didn't mean to write in to talk about that guy. I'm so glad
to see you out on your own creating! Many congratulations! I love your
stuff man and was so psyched to see it thanks to my buddy Vic's Pinup

galleries (http://users.pandora.be/eek/Vic/eeksrcom.htm).
Can't wait to see your new book... keep up the kickass work!

A fellow pinup artist,

--->Amano Jyaku

After replying to said post I put out a general
question about this confusion I had with images that were by Armando yet
I had a book at home with those same images in by.... well you know who.

Reb, of rebsart.com, replied via email showing me the link to gostickit
which explained it all.

Y'see on a visit to Paris last year I visited a few of the Fantasy Art
and comic book shops and came home clutched in my hot little hands a
book titled "The Fantastic art of Ricky...." Yeah..... HIM! Shithead

After reading the pages at Gostickit, I feel like a mug for coughing up
hard cash to buy it. Gawd knows what you must feel like Armando for what
he's done to you. How I feel must pale into insignificance.  But
try not to dwell on it Armando. Karma will get him. Big time!  I've
been lucky enough not to have such things done to my own artwork, I have
seen a few tacky manipulations of mine but nothing like the blatant rip
off that's been inflicted on you. (The

colourisations of my drawings don't count FF2K, they're ALWAYS

I sincerely hope ol' Shithead meets someone named "Bubba" in the prison
showers before this year is out! :D !!

Anyways, after a few twists and turns, I finally turned up here thanks
to gostickit's link. Ta. I hit the message board and caught up on some
of the gossip.

Thanks for your great artwork Armando. I saw your stuff a few months ago
over at Vic's place, amongst others, and liked what I saw. Lots! Amazing
detail and skin tones, gorgeous! in fact.  Personally I found some
of it a little too OTT, but that's my personal taste (don't knock it
anyone.)  I prefer Pin-up stuff to leave more to the imagination.
Liked the

tribute to Elvgren, I was hesitant at first whether to admit that since
any so called 'improvement' over Elvgren's work is like painting  red
'Go faster stripes' down the side of a Rolls Royce! But I liked the 21st
century version of it you did. Nice one!



hey, just wanted to thank you for this article.  This model i know
from the East Coast forwarded me a letter from Ricky Carralero, and
how he wanted to work with her.  She and I just finished this whole
instant messaging convo, where i was relating to her the thing with
Armando Huerta, and Ricky suddenly taking credit for his work, or at
least, completely copying his work.  I figured he had, at the very
least, suddenly learned all of Armando's techniques in a week and was
takin credit or whatever, but i didn't know the details or the
extent.  Now, everytime i see his work, i don't feel like a conspiracy
theory nut.  anyhow, thanks.  good to know i'm not nuts, or talkin
shit about somebody with no cause.

y'all be good.



Hello there, I've been following this Ricky/Armando thing since I
first emailed Armando months ago. He put me in touch with your
website, and "damn!" What can be said, this is unbelievable. I just
checked again and read the email to Armando posted on your site. The
gall of this guy is incredible.


I've been attracted to what I thought was Ricky's work for quite
sometime now. I feel a bit like an idiot, not knowing the difference
in some of the work that I've seen in print (or just simply
assuming). As you've stated there is really quite a difference.  

Im really
only writing to wish you luck in your quest to take this guy to the
wall. Being an artist myself,(working in a similar
genre/technique) this really hit close to home.


Best of




Look at Ricky Caralero's hard cover
book Art Premiere deluxe printed by mg publishing (the red one with
betty page on front). Now look at page 46 called "betty with Whip".
Look in the lower right hand corner. Armando Hurta's signature was not
taken off completely! You can still see it! it's faint but still
there. sad, sad, sad.

Most of the images are from Huerta's hand only the latest ones now on his
site are from Ricky's hand (we think so?) but they are so poor of quality
that you can see that he isn't really an artist, but only a thief who
steals images and changes them a little bit, he also tried to do it on
some European artists I know, but the only thing that happened till now is
that those guys (and they are very good friends of mine) have lost the
artwork that they sent to him (he had asked them to make some drawings and
paintings) because he never responded to those guys again, so that's the
real Ricky you know.

Just found your site while doing a search for Ricky C. It's kinda
funny... I found his site wickedextreme first and was wondering why his
art was going down hill... I mean, the new paintings really sucked. I
left the site a little confused and I was worried that maybe the artist
had suffered a stroke or something.

I can truely empathize with Armando on what he has gone through. I
had a similar thing happen to me 10 years ago with an old friend of
mine. I wish him all the success and happiness in the world.

Jon Kinyon

Hi guys, I live in Holland and just visited your site
for the first time and was shocked about the whole Huerta/Carralero
thing.  Especially because I just bought the Art premiere/Ricky
Carralero book from
MG publishing
.  After reading the whole story I think it's
a fucking shame that this fake book is still sold in Europe and is
not being called back to be corrected and reissued.  I also
work in the wonderful world of arts and can imagine how screwed
Armando must feel.  Damn
MG publishing
for allowing this to happen, they should compensate Armando from
their profits of the book!

And damn that impostor Carralero.  It's a shame
that he doesn't live here in Holland so I could kick his lying ass!

Once Armando has his own book I promise that I will
buy it, even if it contains images from the fake one I have now.

Respect to you dear Armando, you are the true artist
and I wish you all the success you deserve!


Greetz; Steven from Holland


I had the time now to check out the websites, look up originals and
think about the whole mess armando got in .

i am completely convinced now, that ricky definitely is not the artist,
and stopped all sales i could. for me being personally convinced is more
important than any documents , or whatever the legal situation is. i
wish you good luck in builing a case against ricky.

as i mentioned i would like to take the opportunity to make an offer for
a book on armandos work. the basic idea would be to reprint stuff
published under ricky name and a lot of new material. also include
background on the whole story and situation, and how that guy ricky got
to be known as the artists of so much great work.

some rough info on the book:

about 96 pages , maybe some foldouts

full color full page pictures, if studies or preliminaries exist, that
would be nice, as many consumers like to see these as well.

<details of proposal removed>

territories we are selling into:






italy sweden




channels are: in germany /austria/switzerland the main channel is
newsstands/railwaystation booktrade also speciallyty-outlets as
comic-shops, tatooshops, special mailorders, and the booktrade (few
carry such material) in other territories we usually work with local
distributors, that serve same channels as above except for newsstands we
are on newsstands in a limited way (otherwise returns would build up to

high) in spain, france, and italy soon.

so if that in general sound interesting to you, we could follow up with
more details, and answering questions you certainly will have,


kai witz


m/g publishing

Wow. Just saw your site. Can't believe what a scumbag this guy is. On
Page 2, the picture "PopCowGirlNewScan5" - that is none other than
Playboy Playmate Jaime Bergman. She even did a cowgirl thing for
whichever issue she appeared in...

I'm going to be telling the local comic shops about this. Hopefully of
them have ordered his book. You've done a great service.

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